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Project Details for

Southlands Development

Southlands Development


This project is located in Delta, BC at Boundary Bay Road & 3rd Avenue. Hall has completed multiple phases of civil work that includes PDA, T1 Offsite, TH1, TH2, CC1, B1, Pebble Hill. Hall is currently working on Phase B1 and Lot 61 works which are scheduled to be complete in April 2023. Project scope throughout these phases include onsite & offsite water, storm, sanitary servicing as well as roadworks. Hall has also completed a sanitary pump station and force-main and a tie in to metro Vancouver water reservoir.

Hall has completed all onsite and offsite infrastructure to help create the Southlands Development into a new community.


Start Date Summer 2016
Completion Date  Ongoing
Contract Value $33.5 Million
Client Name Century Group

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