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Hall Excavation & Shoring has become known for undertaking all types of projects and executing them on budget and schedule. The strength and commitment of this team to keep finding new ways to execute projects, builds new client relationships and strengthens existing ones.

Hall was the first excavation contractor to use an excavator load-out plate form in the Lower Mainland. By using collaboration with developers, general contractors, industry consultants and our experienced team, Hall makes imagination become reality.




Aidan is the General Manager for Excavation & Shoring at Hall Constructors. Committed to excellence, he deftly manages daily excavation activities while actively bolstering the growth of our shoring operations, ensuring our continued industry leadership

Aidan Connell, serving as the General Manager for Excavation and Shoring at Hall Constructors, joined the team in 2021, bringing with him a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years in the construction industry. His rich management background stems from working with a significant Canadian general contractor and civil contractors across the globe, including Ireland, the UK, Europe, and Australia.

Alongside Don Jacques, Aidan and the collective team are dedicated to fostering controlled and strategic growth as they strive to position Hall Constructors as the most esteemed, substantial, and sought-after organization in the excavation and shoring industry.

Away from the construction site, Aidan finds himself busy learning the ropes as a new father, loves backcountry hiking and camping in beautiful British Columbia with family and friends, he is an avid wildlife photographer, and enjoys live music throughout Vancouver.

At the core of Aidan's professional approach is an unwavering belief in collaboration and teamwork. This ethos permeates everything he undertakes, fostering a harmonious and effective work environment. With Aidan leading the helm, there is a strong confidence that he, along with the dedicated team at Hall Constructors, will consistently deliver positive outcomes, propelling the company to new heights in the construction industry.

"Since my arrival at Hall, I have seen and been apart of tremendous growth within the group in terms of investment from ownership and building our team both in the office and in the field. We strive to be a bigger, better, and stronger version of ourselves as we move forward, with a particular focus on continuous improvement in our people, our processes and everything we do."

— Aidan Connell

Aidan Connell
General Manager

Don Jaques is our dedicated Operations Manager for Excavation & Shoring at Hall Constructors. Steering operational activities, he's relentlessly building a stellar team to fulfill our vision: becoming the premier excavation and shoring contractor in the province.

Don Jaques, Operations Manager for Excavation & Shoring at Hall Constructors, is a seasoned professional in the excavation and shoring industry, with a distinguished career spanning 25 years. Beginning his journey as an excavator operator, Don's ambition and skills quickly propelled him through Superintendent roles and ultimately to the position of Operations Manager.

Don has made his mark on the Vancouver cityscape, managing prominent excavation and shoring projects including Wall Center Phase 3, Shangri-La Tower, the Canada Line station, Vancouver Costco, and the Bayshore Towers expansion, among others. His contributions are underpinned by his extensive knowledge and a passionate commitment to guiding his team towards achieving their ambitions.

Don leads with a solution-oriented mindset and maintains an open-door policy, ensuring every team member feels heard and valued. His leadership style encourages the collaborative problem-solving that Hall Constructors is renowned for.

Beyond his professional commitments, Don relishes spending quality time with his wife, exploring new destinations together, and appreciating good wine. The couple often enjoy walks with their beloved dog, Bailey, the undisputed 'king of the house.' An avid sportsman, Don takes pleasure in golfing, steelhead and salmon fishing, and following NFL football. His diverse interests outside the workplace reflect the balanced approach he brings to his professional role, nurturing both the team's goals and his own personal passions.

"In my role, I lead with a solutions-first approach and keep an open-door policy. My aim is to ensure every team member knows they're not only heard, but deeply valued."

— Don Jacques

Don Jacques
Operations Manager

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