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Together We Build The Foundations

With considerable experience in local, national and international markets, we can provide a wide range of techniques for shoring solutions, deep foundations, ground improvement, as well as in-house engineering and design by our team who have had a major influence in our region. Using a collaborative approach, we provide economical, efficient and innovative solutions using the latest technology and design. We deliver projects on time while maintaining an exceptional safety program.

In order to best serve our clients’ requirements, we are fully prepared to operate as an independent shoring and foundations contractor or to offer the complete service package of excavation and shoring, foundations and civil as of the full suite of services from Hall.





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Matt’s extensive experience crosses over 3 continents, using all types of Piling, Shoring and Foundation tecniques. He has been a Pioneer in the adoption of CFA Piling to the Canadian markeplace and has built a team of likeminded individuals with the latest technologies at hand.

Matt Ramsden stands as the General Manager of Hall Shoring and Foundations, bringing with him a deep well of expertise from over 30 years in the piling industry. His proficiency covers all facets of piling with a special focus on Continuous Flight Auger (CFA), a technique that, while relatively new to Western Canada, offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly approach to installing drilled foundations.

Matt's expansive knowledge positions him as a trailblazer in Western Canada, playing a pivotal role in introducing and developing CFA in the market. His expertise was instrumental not only for his previous employers but also for the entire foundation piling industry. His understanding of this application stems from hands-on field experience, having navigated through various roles in the piling jobsite, from laborer and rig operator to foreman, supervisor, project management, and senior management.

As the General Manager, Matt's responsibilities span across all aspects of business operations, including the implementation of new technologies, pile design, estimating, business development, on-site training, equipment procurement, and general management.

Matt hails originally from England, where he served Bachy Soletanche Ltd for 13 years. In June 2006, he joined Keller (formerly NACL) to develop the CFA application, marking a successful 12-year tenure until 2018. Post this period, he established his consultancy business, sharing his extensive knowledge with clients across North America, operating both in Canada and the USA. His consultancy journey eventually led him to join forces with the Hall Group of Companies in his current role.

In 2012, Matt had a brief sabbatical in Sydney, Australia, working as the General Manager for Soilmec Australia, a part of the Soilmec/Trevi Group. As industry leaders worldwide for Foundation technologies and foundation equipment manufacturers, Soilmec provided him an enriching experience in the field. Matt's extensive international exposure and vast industry expertise add a valuable dimension to the Hall Group, driving our mission to deliver top-tier shoring and foundation solutions.

"With over 30 years experience across the globe, our Piling and Foundations division has the expertise to set us apart from the competition. With innovation & efficiency we empower our people to be the best in class in our industry."


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