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Together We Lead The Field

Leading the way, together. At Hall, we believe that leadership isn't just about being at the top - it's about working together to inspire and empower everyone to be their best. We lead by example and support each other every step of the way. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is evident across all of our divisions, from construction to mechanical to shoring and foundations. Together, we are shaping the future of our industry and building a better tomorrow. Join us and be a part of our leadership journey.




As President of the Hall Group of Companies, I invite you to join us in leading with vision. Our goal is to provide the finest integrated construction solutions, constantly innovating and remaining forward-thinking. People are our priority and their success drives ours. Together, we can shape the future, staying ahead of the curve. With you, we can build tomorrow today.

Bryan Hall stands as the inspiring figurehead at the helm of the Hall Group of Companies. Embodying the quintessence of formidable leadership, Bryan's career in the construction industry spans over three decades, showcasing an extraordinary blend of commitment, passion, and entrepreneurial flair.

His journey began in 1988 at Bel Construction, where he honed his skills for eight transformative years. With a voracious appetite for progress and innovation, he co-founded Tyam Construction in 1993, taking the first major leap into his entrepreneurial journey.

In 2010, a new milestone was reached when Bryan and Dennis Hall initiated the BD Hall Constructors Corp. (Hall Constructors), a venture aimed at specializing in underground civil construction, excavation, shoring, and infrastructure. Bryan, in his capacity as President & CEO, drives Hall’s overarching business development and has steered the company to its remarkable current size of over 500 employees.

Bryan has an enviable track record of negotiating significant contracts and steering the execution of major projects in British Columbia, carving a firm place for his companies in the industry. With his adept guidance, the Hall Group of Companies has swiftly ascended to become one of the most influential civil construction companies in British Columbia.

Bryan thrives in the face of new challenges and opportunities, demonstrating a dynamic approach that continuously propels the company forward. His secret to success is rooted in the robust relationships he maintains with fellow industry leaders, trade professionals, and his valued team at Hall. His people-first approach fuels his belief that it is these strong bonds that build not just impressive structures, but an impressive, thriving business.

"At Hall group of companies, we put people above everything. There’s nothing I enjoy more than watching young people grow and develop their career with us."


Bryan Hall
President & CEO



As Vice President of Hall Group, I stand for leading with integrity and pursuing excellence in every construction endeavour. We commit to fostering superior quality in the field and in our relationships with partners and clients. Our aim is to redefine industry standards, working collaboratively to build a future where excellence is not just a goal, but a given.

Chad Tenney, serving as Vice President of the Hall Group of Companies, exemplifies the essential principles of integrity and unwavering pursuit of excellence that form the bedrock of the construction industry. His dynamic leadership style emphasizes the critical importance of authentic engagement with partners and clients, ensuring business success extends beyond mere physical structures to encompass lasting relationships.

Chad's journey with Hall Group has been transformative since its inception in 2010, and his commitment to the organization has only deepened over time. In 2014, his significant contributions were recognized as he ascended to the role of partner. His invaluable industry experience, spanning over two decades, combines with his strategic foresight to shape the company's direction, planning, and growth.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Geological Engineering from the University of British Columbia in 1999, Chad stepped into the world of civil construction with a strong academic foundation. His initial tenure at the BC Ministry of Transportation allowed him to contribute to numerous significant projects across communities throughout British Columbia, laying the groundwork for his future endeavors.

At the Hall Group, Chad has left his imprint on an array of large-scale projects throughout the Province of BC. His remarkable stakeholder management skills have been key to tailoring solutions to Hall's diverse client needs. Simultaneously, his aptitude for creating compliant local policy plans and leading Hall's core operational team reflect his comprehensive grasp of the construction landscape.

Passionate about fostering the next generation of industry leaders, Chad continually seeks to implement strategies for leadership development. His holistic vision for construction weaves together the craftsmanship of building physical structures and the artistry of cultivating relationships, steadfastly anchored in the ideals of integrity and excellence. This fusion is the embodiment of Chad's distinct leadership at the Hall Group.

"Second only to our people, our customers are always a top priority. Integrity and trust are key to building and keeping good relationships. It's the foundation upon which our business is built."


Chad Tenney
Vice President & COO


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We have a clear objective to be the best in providing integrated construction solutions.

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