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Piling & Foundations

With considerable experience in local, national and international markets, we can provide a wide range of techniques for shoring solutions, deep foundations, ground improvement, as well as in-house engineering & design by our team who have had a major influence in our region. Using a collaborative approach, we provide economical, efficient and innovative solutions using the latest technology and design.


Foundation Piles


The Vancouver foundation industry has for many years been dominated by driven steel piling due to proximity to the surrounding water and conventional drilled caissons. Hall has successfully brought innovation through the use of CFA (Continuous Flight Auger) piling as a common marketplace alternative, bringing cost and schedule savings versus traditional methods. The efficiency of CFA allows Hall to be more environmentally conscious, which reduces our carbon footprint.

Through our rigorous design build approach complemented by extensive knowledge and use of pile load testing, we provide efficiency and enhance pile capacity, introducing cost and schedule savings to our projects.


  • CFA Piles (Continuous Flight Auger)
  • FDP (Full Displacement Piles)
  • CSP (Cased Secant Piling/Dual Rotary Cased CFA)
  • SDP (Steel Displacement Piles)
  • Drilled Caissons

Ground Densification & Improvement

Using custom designed tooling, Hall Shoring & Foundations can install full or semi-displacement, unreinforced columns to provide ground improvement / stabilization to suitable soil strata while drastically reducing or eliminating spoil / tailings. Ground improvement unreinforced columns can be used in various configurations, in a grid pattern and in confined groups, to work with the native soils to enhance soil capacity and provide stabilization.

  • Full Displacement Piles
  • Unreinforced Columns FDP
  • Unreinforced Columns CFA
  • Load Transfer Platforms

Load Testing

Hall Shoring & Foundations is a market leader and innovator in the use of load testing of CFA piles in Western Canada. Through over 18 years of direct industry activity, our team has brought change to the design approach of a large number of projects. Using our design build and in-house engineering approach we can provide more efficient pile designs and enhanced capacities through the use of pile load testing.

  • Static Load Test
  • Bi-Directional Load Test
  • Dynamic Load Testing (PDA)
  • Lateral Load Test
  • Tension Load Test

Geotechnical Engineering

Our in-house engineering and design build approach to many of our projects allows Hall Shoring & Foundations to reengineer the pile design to a more conducive and cost-effective option for our clients. We offer design assist to the Engineers of Record or full design build where we will provide certified engineering stamped drawings and pile schedules as required. Our design team has been a major influence to the western Canadian market for the last decade or more providing and proving by use of load test an enhanced level of knowledge and understanding of soil capacities.

  • Certified in 4 provinces — BC, AB, SK & MB
  • Pile Design Build
  • Pile Design Assist
  • Load Testing

Slope Stabilization

By using both vertical secant or contiguous pile walls and / or ground improvement Hall Shoring & Foundations can stabilize failing slopes or prevent potential slope failures by providing sufficient support to resist the movement of the native soils.

  • Secant Pile Walls
  • Contiguous Pile Walls
  • Full Displacement Piles
  • Unreinforced Columns FDP
  • Unreinforced Columns CFA

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