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Roads & Infrastructure

We have extensive experience in construction management, asphalt paving, asphalt milling, concrete curb and sidewalk, underground utility installations, grading, excavations and large-scale infrastructure works.


Asphalt Production

We own our very own State-of-the-Art 2020 Gencor Asphalt Plant located under the Portman Bridge in Coquitlam and we have a full complimenting fleet of equipment to self perform all your roadworks.

  • Model 300 Skidded insulated Ulradrum with Ultra II – 100 gas fired burner
  • Ultrafoam GX2 - Warm Mix System
  • 3 - 200 Ton Premium Insulated Stationary Silos with Single Clam Gate
  • Top of Silo Bule Smoke Capture System
  • 6 Cold Feed Bins and 2 Recycle Bins
  • 2 - 25000 Gallon Indirect Fired AC Vertical Tanks with Top Mounted Dual Blade Agitators
  • 1 – 5000 Gallon Vertical Emulsion Tank
  • Model CFSP-151, 74,092 CFM Skidded Baghouse with Built-in Primary, 872-7'2" Bags15,059 Sq. Ft. of Cloth, 4.92:1 Air-to-Cloth Ratio c/w Baghouse Dust Removal System
  • 500BBL Stationary Mineral Silo with weigh pod and Slurry Dust Return Auger
  • Flue Gas Recirculation and Demister

This is currently the cleanest Asphalt plant in Canada, on all levels, and we hereby challenge all of our Competitors in the Industry to rise to this new standard!

Precision Paving

All Roads Construction is a full service, one-stop asphalt and road paving contractor in British Columbia, specializing in municipal, commercial and industrial paving services for all types of road and highway improvement projects in Western Canada, primarily in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. The quality of our work meets and exceeds all industry standards and regulatory requirements enforced by all levels of government and municipalities.

As a reputable company delivering specialized paving solutions to clients throughout the Lower Mainland, the scope of our expertise includes municipal roads, streets and highways, airport runways and approaches, paved parking lots, bicycle paths, golf course pathways, tennis courts, concrete curbs, gutters and sidewalks and extruded asphalt curbs. Our civil infrastructure services also cover site preparation for road works including excavation, sub-grade preparation, bulk fill, sub base & base gravels and utility installation.

With your paving-related project completed on time by our well-trained and experienced personnel, we are confident that you will extend our list of satisfied customers by one more name.

Precision Milling

All Roads Construction specializes in an asphalt pavement milling of all scopes and thickness in Greater Vancouver area. Pavement milling, also known as cold planing, is a process of complete or partial removal of the paved area surface from roads, highways, bridges, parking lots and various other roadways.

Our versatile, professional and high-efficiency milling machines — with their flexible working widths between 0.6 meters to 2.2 meters, depth of up to 330mm and three adjustable milling drum rotation speeds — are suitable for all types of demanding milling jobs, whether it is a pavement surface rehabilitation / repair project or complete pavement removal for new road construction. Our experienced operators create an even, true-to-profile base for the construction of new surface courses of uniform layer thickness.

Milled asphalt debris are almost 100% recycled as an aggregate back to the new road paving process, thus reducing the carbon footprint of roadway building jobs we do as an environmentally responsible company.

Concrete Works

All Roads Construction is a full service, roadway-related concrete contractor specializing in precision-crafted concrete curbs, sidewalks and storm gutters for our customers in the Metro Vancouver area, ranging from all levels of governments and municipalities to business and/or commercial entities. Our modern equipment is operated by well-trained and experienced professionals and we aspire to deliver results that meet or exceed our road building industry standards.

We install all types of municipal concrete curbing and storm water drainage gutter systems. We also build concrete walkways / sidewalks / wheelchair ramps of various sizes and requirements to ensure the longest possible usage and lifespan. We achieve this through an established and quality-controlled construction process.

Grading & Site Works

All Roads Construction is a grading and site-levelling contractor in Western Canada and we undertake projects with all types of surface characteristics. Our precision-controlled, modern road graders ensure a smooth level base or a landscape with a specified slope for any construction work, including subdivision, slope terracing and stabilizing, aesthetic contouring and directing surface runoff drainage of storm water flows.

As an earthwork contractor in the road building and construction industry, we deliver sub-grading or finished contouring results that meet your civil engineering specifications and all other technical requirement.


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