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Waterfront Centre

Waterfront Centre


Bosa Developments' Waterfront Centre was a very challenging 33,000 m3 excavation and shoring project. At over 85' deep, this excavation required various types of shoring due to surrounding limitations, including the underground SkyTrain line.

The shoring included shotcrete, anchors, 2,400 LF of secant piles and 1,200 LF of soldier piles. The ground was very hard and since blasting was not an option with the SkyTrain just below, almost 40% of the excavation work was required to be completed with hoe rams.

Working within this constricted footprint meant that the crane base location had to be moved from down in the excavation to up on the sidewalk. We oversaw the installation of six 120 LF, 13” micropiles to help with the installation of the crane base within the sidewalk area. When the micropiles were installed, we had to overcome severe weight and space restrictions and the excavation was already 60' deep. Further to the tight squeeze, two of the micropiles were within 3' of the shoring wall. Hall put to work its telescopic excavator, one of only a handful in North America.

In addition to the intense logistical demands of the project, scheduling and budget were equally fierce on this project. We were proud to finish the job on budget and ahead of schedule.


Start Date Fall 2018
Completion Date Fall 2019
Contract Value $5 – $10 Million

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