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Hall has played an integral role in the development of Heavy Civil and Utility projects on Vancouver Island and expanded our reach throughout the province of British Columbia. Our history and track record demonstrate our commitment to executing projects in the most timely, cost-effective and efficient manner. Our goals are unwavering — together, we get the job done. Hall's portfolio includes major infrastructure projects supporting air, rail and transportation hubs, as well as a wide range of successful projects such as road and arterial route upgrades. With the capacity to support federal, municipal and private development projects, Hall is equipped to tackle even the largest or most complex undertakings.





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300 – 19923 80A Ave, Langley, BC, V2Y 0E2
Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm



With over 20 years in road and infrastructure construction, Ian Lacoursiere is a powerhouse of expertise, from estimation to site inspection. His work across British Columbia, particularly in complex projects, reflects his unwavering commitment to operational excellence and commercial success. A proven leader, he continues to shape the landscape of local markets.

Ian Lacoursiere, the Regional Director of Hall Constructors for Vancouver Island, is a stalwart in the construction industry, committed to delivering work of the highest standards while fostering growth opportunities within the sector. Boasting over 20 years of experience in road and infrastructure construction in the lower mainland and Vancouver Island, Ian's expertise is as vast as it is profound.

His extensive experience ranges from estimation and negotiation to contract signing and invoicing. He has honed his skills in project communication, work scheduling, and procurement, while also managing hiring subcontractors, site inspection, and equipment procurement. Ian's breadth of knowledge is a testament to his dynamic approach to the various facets of construction.

His journey in the industry has seen him tackling challenging and demanding infrastructure projects, roadworks, and underground utility projects. Demonstrating his capacity to adapt to various project demands, Ian has effectively led teams on tasks of diverse sizes and complexity across the local markets of British Columbia.

What sets Ian apart is his proven track record of project success, obtained by maintaining a keen focus on both the operational and commercial aspects of the work. His determination to uphold the highest standard of construction work echoes through his leadership, promoting a culture of excellence within Hall Constructors.

As Regional Director, Ian Lacoursiere personifies the relentless drive and determination that are central to Hall Constructors. His unwavering commitment to ensuring the finest standards of work, coupled with his dedication to creating growth opportunities in the construction industry, make him a pivotal figure in the field.

"As Regional Director at Hall Constructors, Vancouver Island, I'm passionately committed to upholding our highest work standards. We are not just building infrastructure but growing communities, providing career opportunities, and contributing to a vibrant future for Vancouver Island. Together, let's forge ahead and shape the skyline of our thriving communities with unmatched excellence."


Ian Lacoursiere
Regional Director, Hall Constructors, Vancouver Island.

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