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Vancouver Sand & Gravel

300 – 19923 80A Avenue, Langley, BC V2Y 0E2

Vancouver Sand & Gravel (VSG) was established in 2010 as a partner to Hall Constructors and its Excavation & Shoring Division. Our primary functions are to safely dispose of soil from construction projects throughout the Lower Mainland.



VSG currently operates multiple barge loading facilities in Metro Vancouver for local project excavation and shoring projects. The soil is disposed at sea under permit issued through the Federal Disposal at Sea Program administered by the Government of Canada.

Disposal at sea is acceptable for approved sites when this method is the most environmentally preferable and practical. Permits are not granted if other reuse or recycle opportunities are available.

Please contact VSG for more information or assistance with soil disposal.



VSG provides land based soil disposal options for clean soil. Deposition of suitable fill will result in an improvement to agricultural capability across the surface of the fill area.

These fill plans significantly improve drainage, alleviating excess groundwater and winter flooding conditions. Following placement of fill, site soils generally support the production of a wide variety of crops for future consideration.