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ParQ Resort & Casino

Hall Constructors was contracted by EllisDon to perform construction activities in the heart of False Creek. Project consisted of demolition of some structures associated with BC Place, driven piles, jet grout piles and excavation and shoring system. Total volume of material removed was 160,000 m3. Some challenges to overcome and goals achieved were:

  • Coordinate with BC Place to minimize disruption of several large functions and sporting events including Women's World Cup soccer event
  • Accelerate the excavation adjacent to the high rise development (in progress) for the construction of the parkade which supported a common road access for both projects
  • Accelerating the north excavation to start the core/detailed foundations 2 months ahead of original schedule
  • All material export and new material imports had to coordinated off of Pacific Boulevard
  • Disposal of 45,000 m3 of contaminated soil
  • Delivered of our project scope 2 months ahead of schedule
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