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McKinley Beach Lift Station #4

McKinley Beach Lift Station #4 is scheduled to begin construction in mid-February 2016. The scope of work includes installation of a 12 ft diameter fibre-glass wet well, an electrical kiosk, a backup diesel generator and sanitary force-main that connects to the existing municipal infrastructure. The lift station will also contain a leachate treatment system that connects to the Glenmore Landfill's facility. The main challenges associated with this job will revolve around the high water table and de-watering works that will be required to maintain a safe excavation for the wet well. Also, onsite gas monitoring will occur throughout the project to ensure worker safety from any leeching contaminates within the excavation from the landfill. The lift station is financed by the City of Kelowna and the McKinley Hillside Limited Partnership and will serve McKinley's new lake-front subdivision development.

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