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Evergreen Rapid Transit - Tunnel Invert Infill

The scope of this project was to place two individual classes of aggregate to a total depth of 2.17 meters along the total length of the 2,000 LM of bored tunnel. We met multiple challenges, including:

  • 24-hour, non-stop work
  • A conveying system and chute had to be installed to transfer aggregates from the stockpiles at ground level to the trucks below
  • All equipment had to be lowered into the portal with a 210 tonne crane
  • Height of the tunnel was insufficient for conventional trucks to dump so to facilitate moving the aggregate, we used Cat 730 articulate trucks with ejector boxes
  • Without room to turn, the 730 Cat trucks reversed into the tunnel with their load
  • A small dozer and compactor were used within the tunnel to place and compact the aggregate
  • Access was restricted to the north portal on the north end of the tunnel
  • The base of the north portal was approximately 7 meters below ground
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