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Build a Meaningful Career with Us

Whether your fit is in the field or in the office, your professional development is important to us. When our people thrive, the company thrives and we continually work hard at building a company culture that truly puts people first.

At Hall, we are always building up our teams. We look for determined and hard-working people who want to invest in career with us. If you are a Superintendent, Foreman, Pipelayer, Grademan or a Heavy Equipment Operator then listen up: 5 years of previous experience is important but it isn't everything. Each of these roles requires dedication, hard work and a commitment to a team. Our company will provide mentorship and training because we want to help you get moving towards your goals. So, if you think you have what it takes and you are willing to earn the respect of your peers and put in the work, then let's talk.



As part of the CLAC union, benefits of being a member include competitive wages, extended health coverage and RSP contributions.


We offer a training and advancement program to make sure everybody has the chance to better themselves and build a career.


Not only does our team make a great living, they actually enjoy working with each other.



Research the positions below and determine which one you are qualified to apply for.


Click on the position and it will automatically open up on your default email and populate the subject line with the position you are applying for.


Attach your resume to your email. Make sure it has your active phone number, address and work history. You're all done – hit send.


HALL MECHANICAL is hiring for Vancouver area positions:
  • Mechanical - Estimators & Project Managers
  • Mechanical - Superintendent
  • Mechanical - Foreman
  • Mechanical - Apprentices


Minimum Expectations
  • You show up on time and work hard with a positive attitude.
  • You are able to listen, understand and acknowledge supervisor direction.
  • You are able to carry out basic tasks using common sense.
  • You ask questions when you don't understand something or if it's unsafe.

Skilled Labourer

Minimum Expectations
  • You can clearly identify various utility fittings, pipe, and can set up tools and pumps.
  • You understand layout, pipe terminology, and different gravel types.
  • You understand hand signals and can safely dump a truck.
  • You have knowledge on safe work procedures.


Minimum Expectations
  • You are motivated with a leadership attitude.
  • You can set up a pipe laser and understand pipe installation fundamentals.
  • You can understand drawings and carry out tape measure layout.
  • You can read and understand cut sheets and look ahead at the next step of work.

Lead Pipelayer

Minimum Expectations
  • You can safely drive production, crew, and can communicate effectively.
  • You can safely and accurately direct heavy equipment.
  • You can lead in the installation of general pipe, utlilities and backfilling processes.
  • You have the ability to plan work one day in advance.


Minimum Expectations
  • You can set up a Theodolite, builders level, GPS base, and rover.
  • You excel in construction mathematics.
  • You can red-line as-built, hard copy drawings.
  • You are able to assist crew as needed and plan 3 days of work in advance.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Minimum Expectations
  • 5 years experience in excavations, general civil or utility mainline / servicing is key but not everything.
  • You have a great attitude towards safety and the safety of your peers.
  • You are patient and willling to get your boots dirty.
  • You are flexible and willing to go to jobs where you are needed.


Minimum Expectations
  • You are able to manage a crew safely, organize them, and their work for daily success.
  • You are able to understand job costing, coding, input productions, and hours worked.
  • You have a clear understanding of general safety and are an advocate for quality work.
  • You can plan work one week in advance and support superintendent objectives.

Now, there's a lot going on at Hall family of companies. If you are an interested co-op student, excellent estimator, awesome administrative person or a practiced project manager, we want to talk to you too. Please apply with a cover letter and resume at careers@bdhall.ca.