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Hall Constructors - Lower Mainland

We are currently growing and looking for candidates for the following positions. Just click "Apply" and send us your resume.

General Applications

Now, there's a lot going on at Hall Constructors - Lower Mainland. If you are interested in working with us but don't see a specific position that matches your skills and experience, then you can submit a general application. Please apply with a cover letter and resume.

Project Coordinator

Minimum Expectations
  • Assist the project manager as required
  • Organize, track and maintain project site files and documents (drawings, plans, submittals, document logs, and purchase orders)
  • Provide other technical office support as required by the project team.


Minimum Expectations
  • You show up on time and work hard with a positive attitude.
  • You are able to listen, understand and acknowledge supervisor direction.
  • You are able to carry out basic tasks using common sense.
  • You ask questions when you don't understand something or if it's unsafe.

Skilled Labourer

Minimum Expectations
  • You can clearly identify various utility fittings, pipe, and can set up tools and pumps.
  • You understand layout, pipe terminology, and different gravel types.
  • You understand hand signals and can safely dump a truck.
  • You have knowledge on safe work procedures.


Minimum Expectations
  • You are motivated with a leadership attitude.
  • You can set up a pipe laser and understand pipe installation fundamentals.
  • You can understand drawings and carry out tape measure layout.
  • You can read and understand cut sheets and look ahead at the next step of work.

Lead Pipelayer

Minimum Expectations
  • You can safely drive production, crew, and can communicate effectively.
  • You can safely and accurately direct heavy equipment.
  • You can lead in the installation of general pipe, utlilities and backfilling processes.
  • You have the ability to plan work one day in advance.


Minimum Expectations
  • You can set up a Theodolite, builders level, GPS base, and rover.
  • You excel in construction mathematics.
  • You can red-line as-built, hard copy drawings.
  • You are able to assist crew as needed and plan 3 days of work in advance.

Heavy Equipment Operator

Minimum Expectations
  • 5 years experience in excavations, general civil or utility mainline / servicing is key but not everything.
  • You have a great attitude towards safety and the safety of your peers.
  • You are patient and willling to get your boots dirty.
  • You are flexible and willing to go to jobs where you are needed.


Minimum Expectations
  • You are able to manage a crew safely, organize them, and their work for daily success.
  • You are able to understand job costing, coding, input productions, and hours worked.
  • You have a clear understanding of general safety and are an advocate for quality work.
  • You can plan work one week in advance and support superintendent objectives.